Redevelopment of Distressed, Impaired & Underutilized Properties


Another Transactionable Main Street Success Story

Above is the before and after of a Transactionable project completed in Butler, NJ – See Site Plan Below

TPS is one of the nation’s leading redevelopment firms specializing in the development of distressed and underutilized real estate. We acquire properties outright and pull together the collective resources that singularly cannot fix the associated problems. Our projects typically involve the conversion of older industrial and commercial sites into residential, retail, and commercial properties. Whether the concerns are legal, financial, environmental or developmental, TPS turns difficult property issues into win-win situations for everyone involved.

All across America, good properties lie vacant and unproductive. While most are ideally located for industry, commerce and residential development, unfortunately, they are often contaminated with the remnants of their former use and languish in a state of disrepair. The costs of environmental remediation and / or redevelopment makes these properties expensive to own and virtually impossible to sell. TPS delivers a fresh new solution to this problem. Project by project we are turning these land use problems into local success stories for communities across the country.

TPS provides sellers with a quick and effective way to deal with the cost and time uncertainties associated with difficult property disposal situations. We also help buyers acquire the properties and locations they desire while minimizing the risks and unknowns typically associated with moving into older troubled sites. Moreover, we are a goal-oriented group that brings to each new project both the foresight and expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively, such that the value we create will yield immediate benefits to the local community.

By virtue of the fact that TPS is a developer and not a builder, we have the unique ability to approach each new redevelopment opportunity from a fresh and unbiased point of view, which enables us to focus on “what works” rather than “what one builds.” For that reason, more and more TPS projects are becoming “mixed-use” projects, where a variety of sensible uses (commercial, office, retail and residential) converge to enhance the success, value and quality of life that is brought to the community.

Philadelphia Waterfront Project – Transactionable brought this site from Brownfield to Fully Approved 1500 Residential Units, Hotel, 400K sf commercial, Marina & more

Transactionable created Raritan Park a 15 Acre Brownfield site with 100+ Year Old Manufacturing Bldg and created a Luxury Apartment Complex revitalizing the adjacent Main Street area.