Redevelopment of Distressed, Impaired & Underutilized Properties

Raritan Town Center a Resounding Success


This major redevelopment project located in Raritan, New Jersey was created by Transactionable which convinced the township, county and state that there could be a vibrant future for this brownfield site.

Transactionable pulled together all the resources needed to assess and remediate the environmental issues and then brought in a developer to handle site development and facility construction.

The site was redeveloped for dual use as an apartment building on roughly ten acres and five acre passive a recreation site along the Raritan River.

The project was managed through NJDEP’s Office of Brownfield Reuse and has been highlighted as success story by NJDEP.

This project is located on an approximately 15 acre property and resulted in the construction of a 240 unit apartment building on property that was used for industrial purposes as early as the mid 1800’s.

The long industrial history and transformation of the property to residential resulted in many complex environmental issues, all of which were addressed by the Transactionable team.

Activities included:

Project Conceptionalization
Land Acquisition
Site Plan Approval
Preliminary Environmental Assessment
Site Investigation
Soil Sampling
Ground Water Sampling
Remedial Investigation
Brownfield Redevelopment Agreement
Post Remediation Site Development
Facility Construction