Redevelopment of Distressed, Impaired & Underutilized Properties


TPS has been active in the redevelopment of properties in the tri-state region (NJ, NY & CT) for more than 20 years. That’s nice for business but there is more to the story.

More significant is that the TPS team, family and friends have spent all their summers at the shore from days as toddlers with shovels and buckets at the water’s edge, to crazy as you can get days as young adults, to great fun with families as we get older. Half our staff have surfboards in their offices just in case the waves are right on any given day and the stories of fun at the beach are endless.

But now so much of what we have grown up with has been obliterated. Some say it will never be the same. Others swear (in that New Jersey way of vocalizing) that things will come back.

In November AmeriSus (a TPS affiliate) created the Rebuild Our Coastline Consortium aka R.O.C.C. in an effort to pull together as a team best-in-class nationally recognized companies that are leaders in the supply of goods and services to the home building industry. For the first time every these firms will attempt to deliver to victims of a disaster a single source, universally applicable fast track solution for rebuilding.

This solution is a tool for both builders and homeowners and beyond sticks and bricks R.O.C.C. brings to the cause engineering, architectural, inspection, legal and banking service providers as a part of the mix. The product will be complete new homes as well as discrete components and materials that can lead to rebuilding in a mode that is faster, more affordable, green and sustainable.

Visit to see what some of the homes will look like. The R.O.C.C. technical and design staff are now working with technical teams from our membership on new hybrids that will be a part of the rebuild.

Visit to learn more about R.O.C.C.