Redevelopment of Distressed, Impaired & Underutilized Properties



Because of an unblemished history of success in returning distressed property to safe and viable use, TPS has access to a portfolio of private and public investors that have an understanding of the commitment required to develop difficult sites.  As a result, the financing of TPS projects has become an attractive opportunity for lenders and investors.


TPS has multi-faceted experience in site remediation including feasibility studies, interim remedial action programs, conceptual and detailed remedial system design, groundwater and soil remediation, and project and construction management. TPS’s professional staff has managed the clean-up of more than 5,000 contaminated properties and has become the leading developer of brownfields sites in the region.


TPS often deals with land that does not have the required governmental entitlements or zoning for optimal redevelopment. In those situations, our team of experts work directly with local and state government entities to obtain all the necessary approvals to reposition the property for its intended use. This capability enhances our ability to facilitate a truly “as-is” transaction with owners of difficult sites.  Municipalities enjoy working with TPS because they know that TPS brings to each project an unbiased approach for land reuse. All too often the very first interface between TPS and the community is a session to determine what the community wants on the redeveloped site. That level of TPS flexibility is often not available from developers focused on one type of work such as residential or retail development. Just one more reason to work with TPS.


TPS works with skilled attorneys from some of the region’s most recognized law firms. These professionals are an integral part of our team, helping to manage the many complex legal issues associated with impaired sites, land use and project redevelopment. Our team also includes insurance industry specialists with a demonstrated ability to recover funding for clean ups.


TPS realizes the needs and goals of each property owner and the community are different. For that reason, we work within a variety of business structures, ranging from traditional purchases, to partnership and option arrangements involving risk and profit sharing. We are extremely flexible in our approach to structuring transactions, and we strive to craft the best option for each site and all parties involved. Many of our projects have elements of development that become sizeable public areas.  Bottom line is that we make troubled property “Transactionable”.